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Attention to detail has gotten American Made Wide Format Media, Large Format Paper noticed for the  Large Format Media, Paper line

The best volume of architect paper sizes can be found in our Wide Format Media. Large Format Media and Large Format Printer Paper, both are used in conjunction with Wide-Format Media Printing machines and reaches around the globe in GREAT Wide-Format Printing.Type your paragraph here.

What is Wide Format Media - Wide Format Media, Inkjet Media Supplies terms: Wide Format Media Canvas of Wide-Format Printing Paper.
    Wide format paper bond paper (in many varieties including colored); graphs, vector Inkjet Cad drawings.
    photo wide format paper photo, glossy (really looks good in some circumstances, but very shiny and reflective)
    photo, semi-glossy (my personal favorite)
    photo, matte (for people who just don't like any glossy surface)
    re-positionable (peel it off and move it somewhere else; then peel it off again...)
    adhesive backed wide format paper

Film (entirely synthetic material, hence the manufacturers can add all kinds of special properties)

    backlit wide format paper
    front lit wide format paper
    clear (transparent) wide format paper
    white (opaque)vinyl
    adhesive backed
    banner wide format paper
    scrim wide format paper
    re-positionable (static cling)canvas
    canvas wide format paper also comes in a variety of surfaces. Be sure you want the canvas effect before you buy a full roll. Canvas can be shiny or matte. Some canvas is very rough so you don't need to use high dpi special media
    Tyvek wide format paper
    enough different varieties to fill the entire web site with samples and descriptions, but more on that later.

Wide Format Printing Paper Inkjet Media Supplies terms:

   Aqueous: thermal or Piezo inkjet wide format media uses an ink known as aqueous or water-based. The term water base is a generally accepted misnomer. In wide format inkjet paper the pigment is held in a non-reactive carrier solution that is sometimes water and other times a substitute liquid, including a soy based liquid used by Kodak. Aqueous ink generally comes in two flavors, Dye and UV (alternatively known as pigment). Dye ink is high color, low UV-resistant variety that offers the widest color gamut. UV ink is generally duller in color but withstands fading from UV rays. Similar in general principle to desktop inkjet wide format media. Finished prints using dye inks must be laminated to protect them if they are to be used outdoors while prints using UV inks can be used outdoors un-laminated for a limited time. Various materials are available, including canvases, banners, metabolized plastic and cloth. Aqueous technology requires that all materials be properly coated to accept and hold the ink.
    Solvent: this term is used to describe any ink that is not water-based. Piezo inkjet wide format media that uses inks of petroleum or a petroleum by-product such as acetone as its carrier liquid. "Eco-solvent" inks usually contain glycol esters or glycol ether esters and are slower drying. The resulting prints are waterproof. May be used to print directly on uncoated vinyl and other media as well as ridged substrates such as Foam Board and PVC.
    Dye sublimation: inks are diffused into the special print media to produce continuous-tone prints of photographic quality.
    UV: Piezo inkjet wide format media whose inks are UV-curable (Dry when cured with UV light). The resulting prints are waterproof, embossed & vibrant. Any media material can be used in this technology, polymer made media are best. Ceramics, glass, metals, and woods are also used with printing with this technology.

    Pen/plotter: a pen or pens are used to draw on the print substrate. Wide format plotter paper is mainly used for producing CAD drawings. Generally being superseded by digital technologies such as Solvent, Aqueous, and UV.

Wide format paper is a product that we have been supplying fortune 500 companies for over 20 years.  Every Large Format paper printer needs quality paper that gives you quality outcome roll after roll. We traveled the roads for years developing strategic relationships to which could bring you the quality paper used by other professionals to your door. If you would like to see more visit us Wide-Format-Paper-COM or See Wide-Format @HPPaper and conversations in tweet, photo, video, media wide-format. Below is a good way to discern the two types of wide format paper. We support American Made Wide Format Paper.

   Wide format inkjet printing may set the designjet by HP 2 inch core, or 2" core, designed for Inkjet plotter printer HP or Canon like machens often included machines.  This is the most common mistake made when ordering paper.  The type of machine you use will determine the core size.  You can always call and ask us to make sure.

  Wide format paper 3 inch core, or 3" core, Wide format paper is used on wide format copiers.  The bond paper rolled on the core is used for copier machines.  Today, sometimes called Large Format Copiers, or even called rolls for the Xero machine (a derivative from the 3 inch core Xerox wide format paper solutions printers) is usually a 20 LB Bond paper. Keep in mind that this printer usually operates at fast speeds and makes many copies in a short time.

   Note with wide format paper the paper that you’ll require are going to be depending on the way you prefer to use it and what you wish your outcome to look like. Essentially the major difference between the most popular companies who create a their line of wide format printers is Horsepower. When planning a wide format printing job you’re given a directory of options in Wide format papers to choose from. Keep in mind, the particular kinds of paper have different functions which can enhance your project or depending also on the setting and type of your wide format inkjet printer. Photo printers accept different types of media such as the small standard. One will find 24"x100(feet) Printing Media Rolled in America

   For those who really need to replace your signs and posters regularly, you could at the same time get wide format paper. You are going to still receive the images using the finest quality while enjoying the advantages of its affordable and also fast drying time. Your other option could be the Hewlett Packard Wide format paper. So you ask yourself, is wide format paper all the same?  Should iI only use the type of paper that is named after my printer? There are paper companies that distribute the highest quality paper in the world. We are one.  Since life is all about relationships then why would the relationship between you and your paper be so expensive?  Call us and let wide format paper be part of the solution